Digital Games

Dungeon in a Bottle

2022. Concept, Mechanics, Level Design, Audio, Art
Steam or 

Dungeon in a Bottle was released on Steam and in late 2022. It's a precision platformer about choosing the right kind of jump in claustrophobic situations. It was originally made for Ludum Dare 39, where it scored 30th in the fun category and 37th overall. Game jam Curator awarded it Best Game of 2017 in the "Juice" category.

Volley Hell / Fireball

2020. Concept, Mechanics, Level Design, Audio, Art, Code

An experimental platform fighter mixed with Voleyball. I made this as a way to better learn Godot, but it got to the point where my friends and I were arguing about character balance and having regular Volley Hell nights. I programmed the entirety of the game myself, and I'm particularly proud of both the hitbox system I implemented and the CPU AI, which is challenging and snappy. 

Dragoon Drop

Level Design, Concept,  Art

Dragoon Drop is essentially a procedural puzzle game. You play a card by dragging to the left or the right of your character. Afterwards, all of the enemies move. It scored 11th overall in Ludum Dare 41's Jam Category and won Boston FIG's "Most Compelling Game Mechanics" in 2019. It's also been stolen by a lot of online arcades, which is kind of an honor, I guess.

E-Negative. 2017.

Concept, Mechanics, Level Design, Audio, Art.

In e-Negative You play as a broken down robot that loses power with every action. As your power decreases, the cooldown time of each action, including steps, increases. It  succeeds in making the player feel like a heavy machine running on low power.

Romi. 2017 

Concept, Mechanics, Level Design, Audio, Art.

Cleanup on Crime Dragon Planet. 

2017. Concept, Mechanics, Level Design, Art.

Lost Kas. 2016. 

Concept, Mechanics, Level Design, Audio, Art.

Destination Gravity. 2015.

 Concept, Mechanics, Level Design, Art.

Lavender Crush. 2022. In-Game Art and Design

Sir Blocksalot. 2022. Code

Dusk Strider. 2019. Concept, Mechanics, Level Design, Art, Code.

Subnar. 2019. Audio, Art.

Shot Shifters. 2017. Concept, Mechanics, Audio, Art.

Asteroid Swarm. 2015. Sound Design.

Gin Tumble. 2015. Concept, Mechanics, Art, Sound Design.

Static. 2014. Concept, Mechanics, Level Design, Audio, Art, Code.

Board and Card Games:

According to Plan, Original

Design and Development

A cooperative card game with competitive elements. You play as a gang of thieves in 1970’s, loosely based on Lupin III. The loop consists of 2 stages: a planning stage, where players work together to form a procedural plan to complete as many active jobs as possible; and a heist phase, where first new wrenches are thrown in, then the plan is executed. During the second stage, players can play new cards and affect the game to make up for unexpected problems, or to get a leg up on their fellow thieves.

Push! Push! made with Nash High

Mechanical Design, Art Direction, Card Design.

A grid-based collectable TCG designed to be a cut-and-play zine game. Using cards representing cute, chill monsters, players vie for space by pushing their opponent’s monsters off the grid.

Fear the Witch Eater, Original 

Design and Development.

Made for the Flyover Indies Digital Zine Jam of 2020. An ill-conceived game that is only interesting because it involved a spin-the bottle mechanic as a randomizer and a legacy style mechanic where players added spells to a physical notebook that would then be available in future rounds. 

Manifesto, Ouphe House Games

Design, Development, and Layout.

A spontaneous party game you don’t know you’re already playing. Two spymasters would each attempt to recruit the participants of a social gathering by discreetly passing them handbooks: tiny instruction books that tell you a game is afoot and give you a specific role to play in it. The aim is to use subtle signals to identify and then eliminate the other spymaster’s agents. 

Dungeon Warming Party, Original

Design and Development.

A dungeon crawler in the vein of Descent. Featured an emergent monster AI system that was a lot of fun to think about but not very much fun to play.

Tactigon, Ouphe House Games

Mechanical Designs, Copy Writing, Editing, and Layout

An abstract strategy game in the vein of chess or stratego. Players set up their initial board state in secret, then take turns rolling dice and moving pieces based on the results. Units capture others based on their number and relative positions. It features dice resource management unit transformation mechanics.