Hey there! I'm Jo Hanna (they/them)

I've been making videogames and board games professionally since 2015, and as a hobby since long before that! I believe that the best way to immerse your players in your game is through mechanics.

As a pixel artist I specialize in small sprites with complex, expressive animations. I love working with restrictions, and I consider myself especially suited to working on games that imitate the restrictions of old or imagined consoles.

I've been lucky enough to make a lot of games with a lot of amazing people! Links to many of them can be found in the games section.

I've been working mostly on smaller projects and freelance work for the bulk of my career so far, but I'm currently seeking employment at a small studio as a game designer, pixel artist, level designer, or Godot developer. If you think I might be the right fit for your studio, please let me know at JoVideoGamesHanna@gmail.com

Enter Stage





Flat Jump (Unused)


Wall Climb (Unused)

Tightrope Idle

Tightrope Walk

Mechanism Exit and Enter

Break and Enter (Unused)

Released Games

Dungeon in a Bottle. Artist, Designer, Composer.

Good Night, Knight. Lead Artist

DwarfCorp. Supplemental Artist

Gameplay Videos