Dungeon in a Bottle - 2022

Dragoon Drop - 2018

Romi - 2017

eNegative - 2017

Cleanup on Crime Dragon Planet - 2017

Lost Kas - 2016

Hey there! I'm Johanna!

For the past 14 years I've been making games while making ends meet as a barista. I have composed music for games, designed them from the ground up, and coded a couple myself. But the thing I've done most for games is filled them with expressive, animated pixel art. 

As a pixel artist I specialize in small sprites with complex, expressive animations. I consider myself especially suited to working on games that imitate the restrictions of old or imagined consoles. Check out the art section for examples. Even so, I feel comfortable working on larger sprites, doing environment work, and working on UI elements. If there's something you don't see in my portfolio that you're looking for, just ask, and I'm sure I can rustle up an example or do an art test for you.

The programs I'm most comfortable using are Aseprite, Tiled, Godot, and Famitracker. I'm always happy to learn something new, though!

If you think I might be the right fit for your project or studio, please let me know at JoVideoGamesHanna@gmail.com

You can find details about the games shown above and many more games I've made in the game design section.